Amulet of the Leech

Gain health equal to 30% of damage done to target’s health.

Amulet of the Scribe

After using a rune, refresh your sorcery cooldowns (has 5 seconds cooldown).

Behemoth Amulet

Reduces your mana costs by 15%, increases your cast speed by 20%, and increases your spell damage by 10%.

Conflagration Amulet

Your Fireball randomly launches 3 smaller balls of fire when it explodes.

Crosswinds Amulet

Fire 2 additional Wind Shears, but decreases their damage by 30%.

Amulet of Icy Refraction

Ice Lance bounces 4 times and while you’re charging Ice Lance, move 500% faster.

Reactive Amulet

If you take more than 30 damage to health in 2 seconds, instantly fire 2 arcs of lightning bolts at nearby targets.

Infected Amulet

Increases size of the puddles form toxic spray by 100% and puddles set movement speed to 50% normal.

Dextrous Amulet

Increases your cast speed by 30%.

Amulet of Vandal

15% of your damage ignores target’s armor.

Quickening Amulet

Decrease sorcery cooldowns by 35%.

Amulet of the Mind

Increases your max man by 50.

Nimble Amulet

Increase cast speed by 15%.

Amulet of Knowledge

Increase your max mana by 25.

Thinker's Amulet

Reduce mana costs by 20%.

Student's Amulet

Increase spell damage by 5%.