Padded Shoes

Your movement makes no noise.

Boots of Leaping

Allows you to jump 3 times and increases your velocity by 25%.

Phasing Boots

Every 10 seconds, become invisible for 5 seconds.

Behemoth Boots

Become immune to stuns from lightning and puddles from toxic spray. You no longer slip on ice.

Boots of Sprinting

Increases your sprint speed by 25%.

Slowfall Boots

Decreases the effects of gravity on you by 75%.

Boots of the Scribe

After using a rune, increases sprint speed by 25% for 7 seconds.

Boots of the Cat

Increases your jump velocity by 35%.

Grounding Boots

Your are immune to stuns from electricity.

Rubber Boots

Puddles left behind by Toxic Spray do no damage to you.

Boots of the Mouse

Increases your movement speed while crouching by 50% and decreases your movement noise by 25%.

Spiked Boots

You no longer slip on ice.

Student's Shoes

Increase your sprint speed by 10%.