New Class! Patch 0.19 has been released

Scouting the Storm – A new support class for Spellbreak has been released for v0.19. They are still missing a lobby music and as well as some ambient audio to make the game feel more complete.

In addition to the new Scout Class, you can now see your party in the lobby. Although I wish you could have the ability to invite your Epic Games Friends instead of sending out a code. I mean It’s still in Alpha Program. I know there is more to come.

Here’s the full patch notes from Spellbreak’s subreddit which you can find here.


  • The Scout class has been added! The Scout brings the following skills:
    • Foresight: See upcoming shrine locations.
    • Invigorate: Every 3 seconds, increases your and your nearby teammates’ sprint speed by 15/20/25% for 4 seconds.
    • Shot Caller: Decreases your spell damage by 30% but increases damage done to targets from any source by 15/20/25% for 3 seconds.
    • Tracking: Targets you hit are outlined for you and your team for 2/4/6 seconds.
    • The Scout is our first “support” class and we’re eager for your feedback!
  • Class Leaderboards! The leaderboards now include a breakdown by class as well as overall wins by mode. Can you be the greatest Toxicologist?!
  • Added player exile count to the in-game HUD.
    • A much requested featured, now you can see at a glance how many people you’ve exiled over the course of the game.
  • The Fracture can now be seen! The Hollow Lands are no longer surrounded by water, but by a sea of clouds. Don’t fall off…
  • Full redesign of the Deadmoss region, including the Castle Bogmore and Deadmoss areas.
  • Added a drop down to the audio settings that displays all voice chat audio outputs. This fixes some of the previous issues players experienced with voice chat.
  • Added support for several advanced mouse control options in the settings menu: separate Y-Axis sensitivity, mouse smoothing, and mouse FOV scaling.
    • Another very requested feature, this should give you much more flexible control customization.
  • When in a party, players will now see their teammates’ avatars on the main menu.
    • Show off those sweet, sweet skins.




  • Shockwave’s hitbox has had its height and width reduced to better match its visuals.
    • The size of the old hitbox often resulted in a player being hit when visually it looked like they shouldn’t have been.
  • Shockwave’s base velocity has been reduced from 65m/s to 50m/s.
    • This change has two intended effects: 1) The old speed made Shockwave too easy to use over long distances and coupled with the above hitbox, too easy to hit, and 2) Again, coupled with the old hitbox, it moved fast enough that client/server communication would result in other clients thinking they dodged a hit, but still be damaged.


  • Chronomaster – The “rewinding” lock has been removed. Players are now free to cast spells and other actions while their vitals are being restored.
    • This is a big buff and should make Chrono feel much more viable! Note: vitals are still restored over time and can be interrupted by taking damage.


  • Dextrous Amulet – Upgraded from Rare to Epic rarity.
    • It was a bit too powerful to be Rare.
  • Reinforced Belt – Upgrade from Uncommon to Rare rarity.
    • As above, needed a bump up in rarity.
  • Behemoth Amulet – Mana cost reduction has been lowered from 20% to 15% and cast speed increase has been lowered from 25% to 20%.
    • This was a bit too dominant, even at its rarity and needed to be toned down a smidge.
  • Behemoth Belt – Reduced max armor increase from 100 to 50.
    • This on the other hand was much too powerful especially when combined with its other effects and armor gain abilities.



  • Scavenger is one of the most popular classes for both the flexibility and power it provides at very little cost. This should pull it more into line with other classes while still remaining popular and powerful
  • Finest Wares – Lowered cast speed and damage reduction from 10/15/20% to 5/10/15%.
    • Finest Wares gave too much power for very little investment and as inventory becomes easier and easier to manage, the “downsides” to this become negligible.
  • Finders Keepers – No longer ensures the item is rare or better, now just an extra item.
    • The current Finders Keepers could result in a huge leg up in the early game with a few lucky rolls. This change means you’ll still be able to “turn on” Finest Wares quickly but won’t be swimming in powerful gear from just a few chests.


  • Slipstream – The buff wears off after 3s now instead of 10s.
    • After the change to mana regen accounting for max mana, Slipstream could easily result in players having nearly unlimited mana. This should dial it back while still retaining its usefulness.


  • Chests have a new look! Each type of chest (rune, gauntlet, etc) now has its own visual representation.
    • This lets you tell at a distance what sort of stuff you might find in a chest.
  • Added a unique animation for the Stone sorcery.
  • Polished main menu idle animations.
  • Polished potion drinking animations.
  • Polished Featherfall animation transitions.
  • Reduced the opacity on the sorcery cooldown overlay for improved visibility. Also reduced the size of numbers on rune and gauntlet cooldowns.
  • Polished VFX for Shadowstep, Wolf’s Blood, and Featherfall runes.
  • Polished VFX for Frost sorcery (Flash Freeze).


  • Added shrines to the practice map.
  • Polished the landscape along the southern side of the lobby and around the bridge near Witgrave.
  • Removed some floating loot from one of the small forts.
  • Fixed a physics bug that prevented players from walking under archways of a bridge near Halcyon Pass without jumping.
  • Polished the landscape areas north and west of Deadmoss.
  • Updated map and minimap to reflect the changes to Deadmoss.
  • Sculpted map edges to accommodate clouds.
  • Various visual polish to the Deadmoss area of the map.
  • Various bug fixes for issues getting caught on castle walls and stairs.
  • Adjusted the level bound areas to play nice with clouds.
  • Removed fog from the lobby area.
  • Did a lighting pass on the world.


  • Improvement for load times, especially on machines with slower hard drives.
  • Various performance and memory usage improvements.


  • Changing your name in the Epic Games launcher will now update your in-game name as expected.
    • Please note that the Epic Games launcher only allows you to change your in-game name once every two weeks.
  • Updated all in-game text to ensure consistency and clarity.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing errant VFX to trigger near the edge of the screen for some runes.
  • Fixed a bug that would remove existing base rune charges when removing the Belt of Runic Fluency during a rune’s cooldown.
  • Fixed an unintended exploit with Cold Snap + Chronomaster rune.
  • Amulet of the Vandal’s rarity beacon now displays correctly.
  • Players with Flesh to Stone are no longer revived at full health and armor.
  • Scholar’s Runic Inspiration buff reduces rune cooldowns again as expected.
  • Fixed a host of visual issues with UI text.
  • Fixed some inaccurate key binding labels in settings.
  • Fixed a bug that was sometimes causing the Flight SFX to trigger twice.
  • Fixed targeting for ground-targeted attacks that were sometimes getting stuck on other players.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Flight to appear very glitchy in spectate mode.
  • Players should no longer default to non-teammates when spectating while a teammate is still alive.
  • Fixed some buggy behavior with voice chat’s muted icon.
  • Fixed animation issues related to chaining wind jumps.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented sprint as default from taking immediate effect when toggled on or off.
  • Text boxes again correctly display descriptions when hovering over scroll effects icons.
  • Hover tooltips again work correctly in the Inventory menu.
  • Spectating the teammate of someone in Streamer Mode no longer reveals their real user name.


  • A client crash sometimes occurs if the player moves their game window from one monitor to another while in a lobby or match.
  • Dragonfire does no damage if the player is standing in the flame when it is toxified.
  • Activating a rune while mana is recharging causes the mana recharge SFX to play twice.
  • Player can see through the underneath of a set of stairs in Fort Halcyon.
  • The position of the Toxic gauntlet while aiming the sorcery can obstruct the player’s view.
  • Stick spots on areas of some stairs in the Deadmoss region.
  • There is a castle on the southeast coast that floats slightly above the ground.
  • Poison attacks set on fire by players with Ignite Skill deal Ignite damage instead of Dragonfire damage.
  • Shattered poison clouds retain their physics for a few seconds after being shattered.
  • Loot can sometimes float after coming out of a vault and colliding with objects.
  • Frozen FX are not being applied to players’ gauntlets.
  • Players are sometimes not seeing spectated players’ gauntlets in the HUD.
  • Players can become briefly visible when activating the Shadowstep rune if the player is wearing the Phasing Boots and is already in the invisible state.
  • Players cannot remove waypoints in Practice mode.
  • Players that join the server right as the countdown to portal activation rolls over are returned to the main menu.
  • Shrine god rays are not visible when looking straight at the shrine at close range, but appear visible in peripheral vision. (This also happens to the circle vfx.)
  • Fire tornadoes cannot be electrified.
  • Spectate mode sometimes fails to display the viewed player’s gauntlets in the UI.
  • Players can sometimes teleport under certain stairs when targeting from a distance.
  • The Phoenix scroll will not work later on if the player selects the Pyromancer class while in the downed state.
  • Players with high lag may appear to fire multiple sorceries when spamming keys. (Note that they are not truly firing multiple sorceries, and that this appears to the affected player only due to the lag.)
  • Potions already in the inventory cannot be stacked.
  • Potion consumption is not interrupted when the player is damaged by their own spells/sorceries.
  • After using the Flight rune, the player character’s fall is not slowed while attacking if the player begins falling at regular speed before attacking.
  • Mini map is empty when main map is open.
  • Stone sorcery may collide with nearby walls despite trajectory indicator showing a clear path.
  • Poison Cloud SFX do not change when Poison Cloud is frozen.
  • The Classes & Scrolls menu does not automatically close when a player dies, overlapping the Spectate and Exit buttons.
  • Shockwave can extend several segments into the air when fired off a cliff.
  • When consuming a potion, the potion in the character’s hand is occasionally a different potion’s bottle.
  • Boulder can appear to explode at different points of its trajectory to different players.
  • Tooltip for items on map continue to instruct player to press F when Use key is remapped.
  • Players sprinting will stop when the user selects a scroll via the Class Menu.
  • Aiming close to your feet with the Poison sorcery and Bubonic Bounce results in no bounces.
  • “Careful Study” scroll puts a “targeted” status effect icon on the player instead of on targeted opponents.
  • Pink arrows sometimes appear on minimap when on the lobby island.

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