Path of the Breaker: Release 21 Patch Notes!


  • The Keymaster skin is now available for those of you who purchased the Limited Edition V1/V2 and Master packs! Look under the Inventory tab on the main screen to access it. Thanks for your incredibly generous support of Spellbreak!
  • There’s now a more full-featured tutorial in Practice mode that players can access to learn the fundamentals of Spellbreak.


  • Updated item descriptions on boots, belts, and amulets to be more readable at a glance.
  • The “Items Nearby” screen is now always visible when the inventory tab is up, even when there are no nearby items.
  • Mouse sensitivity settings will now persist between patches.
  • The range of mouse sensitivity settings has been increased.
  • “Armor Potions” have been changed to “Armor Shards” to reduce confusion as to their purpose for newer players.
  • Players can no longer consume health potions or armor shards while at full health/full armor.
  • Players can now bind actions to key chords via the settings menu.


  • Players are now properly immune to shocks for 3 seconds after an existing shock wears off.
  • Players now take proper damage from Dragonfire in all cases.
  • Amulet of the Vandal and Crack Shot’s Armor Piercing skill now stack properly.
  • Fixed a bug that would result in a super-jump when perfectly timing a Wind jump with the Featherfall rune.


  • Reduced brightness of Lightning hit vfx to be less blinding.
  • Added a slider to audio settings that allows players to control the volume level of home screen and in-game music.
  • Visual polish for the end of match screens (class xp, victory/defeat).
  • Visual polish to Shadowstep, Wolf’s Blood, Flight, and Invisibility runes.


  • Fixed several chests that were spawning backwards.
  • Completed first pass on Fort Halcyon redesign and created additional paths in and out through the exterior wall.
  • Added several new points of interest to the Halcyon region, including a large bridge directly north of Fort Halcyon and a set of three islands in the riverbed northwest of Fort Halcyon.
  • Added an invisible wall around the lobby island to prevent players from trying to escape the lobby and dying.
  • Fixed several stone walls that were either floating or overextending through other map materials.
  • Removed a player spawn that could drop players off the continent if they dropped straight down.
  • Updated two areas of Dustpool, replacing large walled steps with canyons and bluffs and cave entrances.
  • Various traversal optimizations around the map.
  • Added 4-5 non-epic chests back to the central areas of the largest castles.
  • Updated the map and minimap images to reflect changes to the map.


  • Jump functionality should no longer break when a player is downed while airborne, then revived.
  • Invisibility should be much more consistent now when being applied from different sources and not leave you stuck permanently invis (or any other weird states).
  • Players should no longer be able to access skins they don’t own.
  • Fixed several collision volume and player replication issues we were seeing with mana vaults.
  • Adjusted hitbox for the training dummy to better match visuals.
  • Damaging another player’s armor now counts towards quests that require you to do damage.
  • Damaging another player in the lobby, however, no longer counts toward quest progress.

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