Quest!!Patch 0.20 has been released


  • Limited Edition Founders, your Blind Faith skin is now available! Check under Inventory to access it. Thanks for your (blind) faith in us and Spellbreak!

Quest System

  • Players are now given daily quests (up to 3 a day) they can complete to gain additional XP.

XP Leaderboards

  • XP leaderboard have been added to the existing Leaderboards tab on the main menu. Note: This shows the total XP and is not broken out by class XP.

Basic Tutorials

  • Added a basic tutorial for new players, with more to come.
  • Added tutorial video to welcome pop up on main menu.
  • Added instructional pop ups for armor and health potions to make their usage clearer for new players.
  • Also made class selection clearer and more apparent for new players.

Faster hotbar swapping of items and gauntlets

  • Swapping equipment while attacking will now queue the action for when the attack finishes.

Team Assists

  • Players now gain accolades for assisting a teammate in disrupting an enemy player.

Circle Changes

  • Added a pulse for the circle to show when it activates to all players inside of the new safe zone.
  • Added a placeholder sound and animation when the player levels up.
  • Added an effect showing the location of the safe zone to players.
  • Added a HUD alert for level up in the same area as circle closing.

UI Features

  • Updated end of match screens
  • Added avatar and various stats to the end of match screen.
  • Defeat screen only appears now once all members of the party have been eliminated.
  • Revamped HUD: Revised layout and added key bindings for greater clarity




  • Lightning Strike has been reworked.
  • Lightning Strike now does a single strike on the ground, targeting the nearest opponent within its radius. The strike does AOE damage and shocks the player(s) it hits. Furthermore, it can target opponents in midair.



  • Updated Translations – The cooldown reduction has been reduced from 30% to 20%.
  • Runic Inspiration
    • Old: “After using a rune, decreases your and your nearby teammates’ rune cooldown by 25/30/35% for 5 seconds.”
    • New: “After using a rune, decreases your and your nearby teammates’ rune cooldown by 30/40/50% for 5 seconds (targets have 15 second cooldown).”


  • Ignite
    • Old: “Players can be set on fire, dealing 3/6/9 damage per second for 3 seconds.”
    • New: “Your Fireballs set players on fire, dealing 2/4/6 damage per second for 3 seconds.”


  • Rockslide
    • Old: “Increases the length of your Shockwave by 15/30/45%, but decreases its damage by 30/25/20% and makes it bounce off obstacles instead of colliding.”
    • New: “Increases the length of your Shockwave by 15/30/45% and makes it bounce off obstacles instead of colliding.”
  • Earth’s Mantle
    • Fixed a bug where subsequent activations of Earth’s Mantle would reset the cooldown to 90 seconds regardless of which level you had. Earth’s Mantle at level 2 and 3 should have a properly reduced cooldown.


  • Vanishing Mists
    • Old: “Become immune to all Toxic Clouds and become invisible for 3/6/9 seconds when entering one.”
    • New: “Become immune to all Toxic Clouds and become invisible and increase your sprint speed by 35% for 3/6/9 seconds when entering one.”


  • Updraft – Updraft now makes a player immune to ALL tornadoes (including toxic, flaming, electric), not just basic ones.


  • Lightning Rod
    • Old: “Become immune to all Lightning Strikes and gain 15/30/45 mana every time you are struck by one.”
    • New: “Your Lightning Strike strikes an additional 1/2/3 times.”


  • Shot Caller
    • Fixed a bug which prevented Shot Caller from amplifying certain types of “generic” damage. This should allow SC to truly affect ALL types of incoming damage.



  • Old: “Become invisible.”
  • New: “Become invisible and increases your sprint speed by 35%.”


  • Increased the range from 4000 to 4800.


  • I ncreased duration from 4 seconds to 5 seconds.


  • Boots of the Mouse
    • Old: Uncommon rarity. “Increases your movement speed while crouching by 50% and decreases your movement noise by 25%.”
    • New: Rare rarity. “After crouching for 1 second, become invisible. Breaks if you attack, take damage, or stop crouching.”
  • Spiked Boots
    • Old: “You no longer slip on ice.”
    • New: “Increases your sprint speed on ice by 40% and no longer slip on ice.”


  • Increased the time between being disrupted to being exiled to 60 seconds.
  • Fixed the above timer to 60 seconds. Previously, it would be reduced every time a player was disrupted.
  • Increased time needed to revive or exile player to 5 seconds.
  • Removed the break on revive by damage (still applies on exile).
  • Increased movement speed by 50% from the current disrupted state speed.
  • If a disrupted player is being revived or exiled, they can no longer move.


  • Replaced “shrines” with “Mana Vaults” and added saucy new art to them!
  • Added theme music to main menu
  • Cooldown indicators of gauntlets and runes on the HUD are now colored by rarity
  • Added sound while dropping from the portal
  • Polished main menu layout
  • Updated the inventory screen on the main menu
  • Visually polished the Featherfall rune, including adding slow fall vfx for improved feedback (applies when holding the space key during descent)
  • Retimed the animations for the Fire and Ice sorceries (were not updated when we made previous adjustments to the sorcery timings)


  • Fixed a ton of community-reported bugs with the map
  • Updated Deadmoss with fixes and gameplay tweaks
  • Started redesign of Fort Halcyon (more on the way)
  • New map and minimap images for the practice map, pre-match lobby, and the Hollow Lands
  • Fixed several instances of transparent stairs
  • Fixed lots of instances of floating geometry in the world
  • Fixed several instances of floating loot
  • Polished the cloud plane in the pre-match lobby
  • Removed multiple instances of hard cover along the trenches in the Deadmoss region (gameplay implications)
  • Fixed a bunch of stairways with bad collision in Deadmoss
  • Fixed a bad Epic chest spawn in the Deadmoss region
  • Fixed miscellaneous collision issues on various cliffs and castles
  • Fixed a bug where players could survive below the cloud plane in the pre-match lobby
  • Replaced the existing castle layouts in Edgewall and Lowland Ruins with smaller, unique arrangements (for improved performance)
  • Miscellaneous fixes for chests spawning backwards
  • Updated physics on various castles to reduce snagging.
  • Performance improvements for pre-match lobby
  • Improved the landscape-to-cloud transition
  • Updated rock textures
  • Updated moss materials on castles
  • Updated the crenelations on castles to use the new moss material for better coverage


  • Server performance improvements
  • Client CPU and GPU performance improvements
  • Miscellaneous crash fixes


  • Fixed several issues with picking up items while attacking.
  • The item equip sound effect no longer plays at start up.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from using voice chat when they disabled then re-enabled the voice chat setting in a match.
  • Fixed a bug that caused cooldowns to jump ahead when a player swapped an equipped Quickening Amulet, Belt of Runic Speed, and Belt of Runic Fluency with any other Amulets/Belt
  • Fixed the aiming of Earth’s sorcery so that its boulder arcs accurately over low walls
  • Scribe Amulet cooldown is no longer ignored by newly equipped Gauntlets
  • Fixed a bug with the kill feed that prevented announcements for when players were disrupted or fading away.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented players from choosing their input/output device settings.
  • Fixed a bug that caused run speed buffs to stack with Frozen Alacrity.


  • Players cannot emote.
  • Players can sometimes end up spectating themselves after being eliminated.
  • Jump functionality sometimes breaks when a player is downed while airborne then revived by a teammate.
  • Players are not credited for kills when a player they downed leaves the match.
  • Passive class abilities do not work in-match when a player dies in the pre-match lobby while the spawn point map is up.
  • The Tundra skill does not increased duration correctly.
  • Damage numbers not popping from steam created by Flash Freeze.
  • Amulet of the Vandal and Crack Shot’s Armor Piercing don’t stack properly.
  • A client crash sometimes occurs if the player moves their game window from one monitor to another while in a lobby or match.
  • Dragonfire does no damage if the player is standing in the flame when it is toxified.
  • Activating a rune while mana is recharging causes the mana recharge SFX to play twice.
  • The position of the Toxic gauntlet while aiming the sorcery can obstruct the player’s view.
  • Poison attacks set on fire by players with Ignite Skill deal Ignite damage instead of Dragonfire damage.
  • Shattered poison clouds retain their physics for a few seconds after being shattered.
  • Loot can sometimes float after coming out of a vault and colliding with objects.
  • Frozen FX are not being applied to players’ gauntlets.
  • Players are sometimes not seeing spectated players’ gauntlets in the HUD.
  • Players can become briefly visible when activating the Shadowstep rune if the player is wearing the Phasing Boots and is already in the invisible state.
  • Players cannot remove waypoints in Practice mode.
  • Players that join the server right as the countdown to portal activation rolls over are returned to the main menu.
  • Fire tornadoes cannot be electrified.
  • Spectate mode sometimes fails to display the viewed player’s gauntlets in the UI.
  • Players can sometimes teleport under certain stairs when targeting from a distance.
  • The Phoenix scroll will not work later on if the player selects the Pyromancer class while in the downed state.
  • Players with high lag may appear to fire multiple sorceries when spamming keys. (Note that they are not truly firing multiple sorceries, and that this appears to the affected player only due to the lag.)
  • Potions already in the inventory cannot be stacked.
  • Potion consumption is not interrupted when the player is damaged by their own spells/sorceries.
  • After using the Flight rune, the player character’s fall is not slowed while attacking if the player begins falling at regular speed before attacking.
  • Mini map is empty when main map is open.
  • Stone sorcery may collide with nearby walls despite trajectory indicator showing a clear path.
  • Poison Cloud SFX do not change when Poison Cloud is frozen.
  • The Classes & Scrolls menu does not automatically close when a player dies, overlapping the Spectate and Exit buttons.
  • Shockwave can extend several segments into the air when fired off a cliff.
  • When consuming a potion, the potion in the character’s hand is occasionally a different potion’s bottle.
  • Boulder can appear to explode at different points of its trajectory to different players.
  • Tooltip for items on map continue to instruct player to press F when Use key is remapped.
  • Players sprinting will stop when the user selects a scroll via the Class Menu.
  • Aiming close to your feet with the Poison sorcery and Bubonic Bounce results in no bounces.

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