Spellbreak's runes are basically power-ups that provide utility and mobility.

Shadowstep Rune

Become invisible and blink forward a short distance.

Invisibility breaks on ATK

Blink Rune

Blink forward a short distance.

Can hold 3 charges

Wolf's Blood Rune

See other players through walls and terrain for 40 seconds.

Wolf cry on cast

Chronomaster Rune

Rewind time for 4 seconds and instantly return to your previous location. Your HP and Armor will return to their previous values over 4 seconds if uninterrupted.

Flight Rune

Take flight for 4 seconds. Interrupted by damage or colliding with something can canceled jump.

Can be canceled with jump

Teleportation Rune

Teleport to targeted location.

Hold to select a destination spot

Featherfall Rune

Launch yourself into the air and fall slowly back down.

Invisibility Rune

Become invisible for short period of time.

Invisibility breaks on ATK